For Children

Delridge Way is a street of no choices except cheap beer and cigarettes, which makes it a tough street for kids. It has been classified as a “food desert”. In 2010, we opened a pilot store to bring fruits and vegetables for the kids living in the Delridge community. The purpose was to offer the same choice of food to Delridge kids that the kids in more affluent neighborhoods have. For two years we offered highest quality produce, fruit and spices at cost and concluded the project when a local food CoOp announced their store opening. Diane Tice made project Delridge possible with gifts from her organic orchard and making our nonprofit happen.

In 2013-14 we took on a project for providing hand sanitizer to schools in Mumbai slums without running water in their bathrooms. This can cut down gastrointestinal illnesses in children drastically, one of the most common sicknesses in India. In a country where majority eat with their fingers, clean hands are essential for good health. It’s been a slow  process due to lack of funding. In 2016 we hope to launch a crowdfunding drive to buy and distribute hand sanitizer to 50 schools.

IMG_3460 A tribal child in Nalasopara outside her hut


IMG_3501  A classroom in Matunga school


dharavi Dharavi – where Martin’s Way would like to build a 8-12 English Medium school