Martin’s Way

If faith is a one liner, then ours is, “Every life has equal value” echoing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Mrs. Gates said, “WHATEVER THE CONDITIONS OF PEOPLE’S LIVES, WHEREVER THEY LIVE, HOWEVER THEY LIVE, WE ALL SHARE THE SAME DREAMS

Established in 2010 our purpose is to explore and develop health, safety and opportunity for Americans confronting hard times. Our aim is forming partnerships that improve the standard of living for the 99%. Though we have taken on an international project our heart beats for America.

American Dream can’t be outsourced. It’s not the domain of the 1%Martin’s Way is a fight against the new segregation prevailing across America – that deep chasm between the rich growing richer at the expense of  the not rich. It’s a dream of a powerful America where All Americans are included in the American Dream – where we have health insurance, access to education and create a new economy of self reliance not at the mercy of Wall Street, Big Banks and Hedge Funds.

Dr. Martin’s Luther King, Jr. words on August 28, 1963 inspired our name, our beliefs and our call to action.

Martin’s Way is a 503c nonprofit organization. If you would like to lend us a hand or guide our thoughts please send YOUR details at or via the form below