Teaching Technology

Bill Gates said,I’d pick education, if I was thinking broadly about America,” …”It’s our tool of equality. It has not improved, it’s fallen behind other countries in a very big way.”

Mr. Gates is profoundly accurate.  EVERY YEAR 85,000 foreigners are granted H1B Visas to come to work in America because not enough Americans have the right education for these jobs. Since 2009 more that 3 million have been unemployed. That’s egregious negligence to develop human potential by American Education and Lawmakers, and that’s ceding turf to foreign countries to run our crucial businesses.

To counter the impact of skill and income loss caused by job exports, Martin’s Way is setting up training programs to make Technical Career Training more accessible and affordable to more Americans. We hope to achieve this by creating programs that are NOT bundled with expensive student loans.

Cisco has been and is at the forefront of interconnecting the world. Cisco Training prepares students for Globally Recognized Certifications including Network Security, Cloud, Datacenter, the Internet of Things. We as a Cisco Net Academy teach Cisco curriculum, taught by Cisco certified Instructors, leading to Cisco Certifications that are foundational to some of the most sought after careers of the time.

Following videos are examples of Cisco at the core of today’s technology


The Intern of Things (IoT)


Cisco Net Academy – a place to learn Cisco technologies